Meet Common Grounds Member Sandra Buckley


Sandra Buckley is the CEO & Founder of Insync Connections

Sandra lives in Brisbane, and loves to support small businesses, and felt had to be a better way to help them expand their business.

Jo Stevens founder of The Zen zone and the Co-ordinator of Common Grounds, absolutely loved getting to know Sandra and would love for you to take the time to listen to her story.

Entrepreneurship is in my blood!  

My parents have always been self-employed.  We took our first family holiday when I finished Grade 12 and it was a complete disaster but that’s another story.

My dad’s once piece of advice to me was “Sandra, get a job with paid holidays”. And so, my call centre career began with the CBA and I worked my way up into management positions for a range of companies and also got the opportunity to set up a brand-new contact centre from scratch for a national garage door company. 

But after 30 years of call centres & middle management positions, I was tired, tired of the BS, tired of managing people, I needed out.

I landed a job with QSuper as a claims manager, I was so excited, no pressure, no managing people, no BS, a work/life balance…… wrong I was.  12-hour days, workload through the roof, poor management, bad processes, ridiculous KPIs, no support……. I was at breaking point. 

I lasted 13 months. My brain (& my partner, Terry) kept saying there has to be more to life than killing myself for a job but I didn’t listen. I got a new job for another superannuation company, thinking this one will be different, this one will work, but it didn’t, not as bad, but not good either, I needed out of the rat race.

I remember one Wednesday night in July last year, I got home from work and just knew I couldn’t keep doing this, so, Terry and I came up with this brilliant idea that I would open a Call Centre division of his recruitment company…… a no brainer really, why hadn’t we thought of it earlier????

As luck would have it, the superannuation company I had just left became my first client. Sitting at home all day, 24/7 with Terry, was not going to end well, I needed to get out and meet new people. 

Sandra Buckley

I thought, Networking events, that’s the way to meet new people and maybe even find new clients!

Common Grounds was my first, it was fabulous, met some amazing ladies and so I went to more & more events.  I met great people but quickly realised that I wasn’t going to find new clients this way and I had this little idea forming in the back of my mind.

This little idea that, there has to be another way to connect with other business people who want to collaborate and build real relationships that actually help them grow their business.

So, I tested my idea on some fabulous ladies at Common Grounds and with Terry’s support InSync Business Connections was born.

At its core InSync brings businesses together!  It opens the door for you, as a business owner, to have collaborative conversations with other businesses without the need to cold call / send out emails, that never get responded to.

InSync is FREE to join and inside the membership site you’ll find:

  • A business directory where you can add your business, list the types of industries you want to collaborate with & search for compatible referral partners.
  • A networking events calendar so you can get out from behind your desk, meet new people & get away from the loneliness & isolation of working by yourself.
  • Online networking sessions (starting in July) – accountability, goal setting, feedback, general catch ups and more. Aimed at helping you get focused & fired up.
  • A Resource library, (coming in October) full of e-books & training videos, helping members learn new skills and get the knowledge they need to succeed, including a series of guides on how to recruit & retain staff.

In November I’ll be introducing a personalised service where I match businesses together (based on their preferences) and introduce them to each other via Zoom.  Perfect for business owners who are short on time or need a little nudge.

More than anything, I love helping start-ups & small business owners become successful through the power of referral partners, collaboration & connection.

Learn more about InSync at and remember it’s FREE to join!

I’d love to help you connect & collaborate!

Find me on socials FacebookLinkedInInstagram.

About the author 

Jo Stevens

Jo's goal is to empower people to take control of their own mental wellbeing through movement and mindfulness techniques, and to help put The “ZEN” back into their Zone!

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