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Common grounds Meet the Members Newsletter

Hey there!

Thank you so much for your interest in being part of the Common Grounds Newsletter. 

This is a great way to bring exposure to your business and our community. 

So what is involved??

The Common Grounds Newsletter is a great way to learn more about the amazing business owners we have within the group.

  • The Newsletter includes a ZOOM interview - This will be a “get to know you” style interview.
  • A written article where you can talk about your business offers, events etc. (max 500 words)

This is an awesome opportunity for you to promote yourself, and not only will this information be featured in the Newsletter, but it will also be added to the Common Ground Blogs which will be great for your SEO!

So if you're interested in being part of Common Grounds, simply click on the link below and to set up a time to book in for a chat with Jo. 

Please note that there is a $20 admin fee, which you will pay once you book your preferred date and time through the booking link for our interview. This booking fee is just to cover my time for all the backend work.  Jo Stevens Common Grounds Coordinator

INFORMATION Needed FOR Newsletter
For the Newsletter you will be required to send via email, a written article where you can talk about your business offers, events etc. - Please limit your article to 500 words

Photos for the newsletter and vlog - 2/3 photos (high resolution) 

Links to your Website/ Social Media & Linkedin

Things to include in the Newsletter 
Your Name 
Your Business Name & contact information. 
Tell us about your business 
What programs/events do you offer to clients.  
Feel free to share a personal story if you want to.  

Newsletter examples;  
Visit our Common Grounds Website/ Blogs for examples on what you can add to the newsletter and what/how the interview questions that may be asked during our interview.

Please note; this interview will be via ZOOM.  

Common Grounds Website;
What to do next;  
Once you have booked in a time for our interview, please forward via email a Short Bio and photos for social media posts. "Reminder, these photos will be used on the Common Grounds Website and Social Media and will need to be high resolution".

And please forward on the written article for the newsletter within 2/3 days before the Zoom interview.  
Please reach out if you require further information.  

Phone; 0425227532

Look forward to chatting with you soon, Jo x

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