Meet Linda Collerson

Linda is from Wandering Rivers Camping Trips, 4WD Adventures & Roadtrip Retreats.

Backroads and ‘the long way ’round’ my specialty! Back to nature, back to yourself. X

‘connection to nature’…

I don’t use this term in a flippant or clichéd way, for me, connection to nature is at the heart of wellbeing.

The development of an industrial modern society has been at the costly price of loss of understanding and respect for the importance of this connection. We are spiritual beings made of the Earth and I believe the Earth is the link to our spiritual being. Connection to Nature…

It’s not complicated, it’s the simplest thing there is, you don’t have to do anything special, listening to and learning from nature happens by osmosis… by, simply being amongst it. And the more you are amongst it the better you listen.

I’ve been a solo (with and without my children) traveller for years and feel excited to share my passion for connecting with the land and all the elements she reminds us of. I love to travel.

I love the feeling of being somewhere I’ve never been before, it’s fresh, i feel honoured and I breathe in that energy.

I love rivers and trees and I love to camp in the bush, or by a beach… or in the desert or on a mountain. I love to camp where all that is around me is nature, with Earth as my companion and Mother.

I give thanks to the Traditional Owners of every area I visit for caretaking the land for many tens of thousands of years and wherever I go I am grateful to meet and feel the Country I walk upon.

My camping retreat trips are about women taking a break from their everyday responsibilities and identities and honouring themselves.

My camping guests don’t have to pack the car or bring the gear or cook the food, just come and do whatever they feel like doing whether it’s bushwalking, investigating rock pools or sitting on a chair under a beautiful tree. The focus for each woman is connection with Nature, empowerment, and sisterhood ❤️

Women are welcome to come solo or with a friend, I trust that the Wandering Rivers vision to facilitate connection to Mother Earth, self, and sisterhood will attract awesome women to come together, all ages welcome.

I’m reminded of a recent conversation about children being moved away from true being, ‘the source’, and of themselves by TV etc., the conversation leading to why monks and nuns etc. live as they do – to keep connected with ‘the source’.

I understand this and for me, touching a tree, listening to birdsong, watching an animal, walking barefoot, feeling the morning, understanding growth cycles, being on or in a river – any way of immersing in nature – is a direct connection to ‘God’, ‘Me’, ‘Spirit’, or, Truth… ‘The Source’.

To feel the Land. To respect, know and celebrate this Earth that holds us, this country that sustains us. That’s what being connected to the source means to me. Each place is so very perfect and so very different.

When camping I am in communion with the Elements and give thanks for this understanding. Sun, wind, the flow of water and the lay of the land determine where I stay, the direction I face, how I cook etc. And when I’m ‘out there’ for longer periods of time I become attuned also to seasonal and moon cycles in a way one cannot possibly be in a house. I’m so grateful for this.

This is the retreat I am offering!

I’m based out of Sydney, current trips are within NSW and I’m working on a Red Centre Trip in the middle of the year and trips to K’gari (Fraser Island) and Mulgumpin / Moreton Island ex-Brisbane and Great Ocean Road ex-Melbourne later in the year!

If any of this appeals to you give me a call, check out my facebook page, send me an email or a message or check out the trybooking link for current trips.

Linda Collerson