Meet Lisa Jane Hawthorne

Meet Common Grounds Member Lisa Jane Hawthorne

Lisa Jane Hawthorne is the Owner/Sole Proprietor at Lisa Jane Hawthorne – Sea Breeze Website Solutions. Lisa loves to support her clients to learn how to create a website to support their business needs. 

Jo Stevens absolutely loved chatting with Lisa Jane and would love for you to take the time to listen to her story.

Learn more about Lisa Jane!

Do you feel that you spend more time on admin and working ‘on’ your business than doing that passionate aspect that made you start your own business in the first place?

Does that also take time away from family, social life and looking after yourself?

My focus is to help others extract the hidden ‘me’ time that allows for more self-care that ultimately leads to a healthier business!

I achieve this by developing websites that are integrated with automated business systems that take away the need to spend time on back-and-forth emails, arranging client meetings, sending invoices, chasing payments and other admin tasks that would normally take my clients away from their core business.

So how did I end up here?

Following a career in the military, I entered the corporate world as a Trainer and Assessor and Resource Developer which ultimately led to near burnout. It was time for a lifestyle change! Throughout my military career, I had also run a part-time scuba business, but the dive industry wasn’t a viable option to transition to as it was in a downturn. So, I focused on my other passion of helping others with their health and fitness. Part of that included helping clients adjust their lifestyle so that self-care was a natural part of it and not a chore.

As having a website is an important element of any business, I of course had operated one for my scuba business and then developed one for my lifestyle business. Having taken computer science units at university, I naturally ran my own websites. My vision for my lifestyle business was to develop a membership site and be able to conduct business online. With that in mind, I incorporated numerous business system automations linked to my website. The more my business systems did automatically, the more time I had for my own self-care and passions!

As the face-to-face aspect of my business was growing (I hadn’t launched my online model), the dreaded pandemic hit! Being in the fortunate position of having my systems in place, I was able to transition my clients to the online model so there was no disruption to their fitness training. Unfortunately, I still suffered a downturn in business as the existing business model I had still included a large component of face-to-face activities that I could no longer run.

As networking is another vital part of any business, I am involved in a few networks (mostly ladies). Some of these lovely ladies were behind my transition to where I am today!

In early pandemic days when life was so uncertain, some of those ladies reached out for my help to transition their businesses from a face-to-face model to an online version. To use the cliché, the rest is history!

If you need to free up some of your time by automating your business systems, I’m happy to have a chat!

You can book a free consultation here.