Meet Nikki Wouters

Meet Common Grounds Member Nikki Wouters

Hi, Im Nikki!

Intuitive Coach, Artist and aspiring witch-in-the-woods for those seeking to redesign their life (and business) for magic.

It took me a long time to truly begin to own what I wanted to do, the type of business I desired to run and what kind of goals actually supported ME and werent just copy and pasted from the internet and successfulpeople.

If you can believe it, for a while I even contemplated coaching corporate because that was apparently the only way to make any real money in the industry.

I dodged that bullet and went back to following my Calling. Cookie-cutter went out the window and colourful, chaotic and creative customisation came in!

And through my journey I realised, I want to help aspiring and active entrepreneurs do the same.

Lets rewind a second…

I chose the business path after 10 years spent unconsciously trying to escape my job as a high school teacher. (Ironically, I was a slow learner.)

         I lived and worked in England, China and NZ.

         I refused ALL teaching promotions and permanent job offers.

         I would end contracts or only take short ones so I could travel, move cities or even just avoid feeling stuck.

         In 2018 I even stopped teaching for 6 months to hike 3000km through the US – with the intention to finally figure out who I was and what I actually wanted.

And Ill admit – while on the outside it looked like I was out there living my life…it was hard to fight the comfort and reliability of a good jobfor the mysterious and slightly foggy dream of creating my own business.

Who was I to leave security to seek satisfaction?

Who was I to give up a 10 year career for a possibility?

Who was I to help people to ditch the doubt, follow their dreams and devote themselves to their destiny?

The thing is I DIDNT know if I could do it.

I DID know I would always regret it if I didnt try.

So finally I realised that all the signs were there and I simply needed to take the step.

Back to now…

Spoiler: I still havent gotten all my shit figured out.

But Im having a lot of fun (and only a few freak outs) in this glorious co-creation of life on my terms and helping my clients do the same.

The heart of my business is the Soul-led & Satisfied Membership where I get to support active and aspiring entrepreneurs into deeper connection with their self, soul and source.

A fancy way of saying: you learn how to come into alignment, finally figure out who you really are, what you really want and how you really desire to create it.


Our community focus is on the deep honouring of not just making it in business but making sure that you are crafting the DREAM life and business youve always wanted. Along the way, you may realise that youve taken a few missteps and wrong turns. Through the power of your awakened ability to connect with your Inner Guidance System, you will be very well equipped to pivot and move forward even more powerfully than before.

With Monthly Masterclasses, Guest Speakers, Weekly Goal Setting (using the powerful phases of the moon) and an extensive Content Library our members are very well supported in the holistic up-leveling of their Health, Wealth, Happiness and Business.

I also have the great privilege of working very closely with my Private 1:1 clients where we can really go deep into exploring their personal circumstances and create customised and intuitive plans of action to move them forward.

Every client is different and requires a unique approach that is co-created over time. Its the reason why my clients find themselves unleveling so rapidly inside and out. You can hear from some of them HERE.

Sessions vary depending on the individual however they usually include a lot of laughter, deep healing, intuitive wisdom, coaching and a few Tarot and Oracles Cards too.

And while I write this there are a few very interesting offers brewing in the cauldron… Keep your eyes out for the Divine Business Blueprint Course coming by the end of 2023!

My art services have been taking a more passive role in the last few years though I can say with GREAT enthusiasm this is changing!

I have commission spaces open for portraits, landscapes and abstract creations to suit your room and budget. And I’ve recently been inspired to offer creative mentoring for those seeking to establish an art practice (professionally or personally) in a relaxed and intuitive way.
You can enquire about any of these via the contacts below.

A few final words…

Reconnecting with my intuition saved me from a soul-less life and an unsatisfying career. It helped me meet (and keep) the love of my life Justin. And it continues to support me each and every day.

When I learnt that the feelings in my heart, the calling in my soul and the power at my fingertips was REAL it opened a door that couldnt be closed.

Every day I choose that door again.

And Id be overjoyed to help you step down this pathway of magic, wonder and possibility too.

Let’s stay connected…

You can find me on Instagram, Facebook and TikTok @nikki.wouters.intuition

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To enquire about Private 1:1 Coaching you can contact via email at or visit the my website to discover the 6 Month Coaching Packages.

Want to learn more about Nikki, then why not grab a cuppa and take a listen to her Vlog chat with Jo Stevens.