Meet Tricia Bolton

Meet Common Grounds Member Tricia Bolton – Time Management Coach

Hi, I am Tricia

I believe that time is our most precious resource.

Many of us are spending too much of it working, whether it’s in our professional or personal lives.  On our deathbeds, no one ever looks back and thinks they should have spent more time at work.

In my coaching practice, I help busy professional women like you manage your time so you can stop overworking without sacrificing your careers or well-being.  I help you identify what’s draining your time and how to create the time you need so you can succeed at work without draining all your energy.

I began my career working in private practice as a lawyer and later as a corporate lawyer and manager. I constantly felt like there were never enough hours in the day.  My to-do list seemed to get longer, job expectations got higher, and my working hours extended into evenings and weekends. 

I found myself thinking non-stop about work so even when I wasn’t at my desk my mind was on the job planning, strategising and pre-empting potential pitfalls.  My health began to suffer.  Planning for a vacation was a major effort and usually by day 2 or 3 of my holiday when I was starting to unwind I would end up with another virus.

I read so many time management books and bought so many pretty planners and calendars to work out the best system for getting my work done and all to no avail.  I started thinking about leaving my job because the demands of work, looking after my family and caring for my aging mother were getting too much.

And then I found life coaching and realised that no time management system alone would have ever fixed my problems.  I needed to delve deeper and find out where I was wasting time and why, like always saying yes to people because I was worrying too much about what they would think of me.  Spending twice as much time than a task warranted because it had to be perfect so no one would criticise my performance.

After learning where I was leaking time in my life, I then started learning some new awesome tools and strategies that helped me start creating time in my life for what was important to me.  I went back to study and became a certified coach through The Life Coach School whilst still working as a lawyer because I was able to easily manage my time.

Now I have made it my purpose to help other women struggling with the same issue.  Working so hard and feeling like they never have any time to enjoy their lives.

I would love to help you too.

If you want to learn more about my Time Design Method© book your free Time Design session with me.  On the call, you will walk away with at least one strategy to create more time in your day. 

In the interim, check out my free How-To Guide:  5 Powerful Ways to Get Control of Your Calendar and my Prioritising with Simplicity training HERE or my weekly blogs.

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