Meet Jo McKenzie

Meet Common Grounds Member Jo McKenzie.

Meet Common Grounds Member Jo McKenzie who provides virtual digital business support Australia wide.

Jo Stevens absolutely loved chatting with Jo and would love for you to take the time to listen to her story.

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Are you overwhelmed with the updates and maintenance required for your website?

Or feeling confused about communication with clients via newsletters, campaigns or automations?

Websites and email marketing is one of the best ways to generate leads for your business, however they do require consistent work.

Jo works in the background taking care of the tedious tasks such as keeping your website content up to date; ensuring your website plugins are also updated minimising issues and security risks, troubleshooting when things are not working quite right on your website (or wherever trouble may arise!), getting those emails sent out or landing pages and automations created so that you can focus on your business and increase your growth.

She also provides affordable website design and builds packages for those that want to get an online presence that can easily be scaled up as the business and needs to grow.

Jo started her business back in 2017 and like many in the virtual assistant world, commenced so she could have the flexibility to work around her children.

“They are now teenagers and still need me now if not more than when they were younger…especially as the mum taxi!” says Jo. “So having the flexibility and freedom to work around their requirements is really awesome.”

Many of her clients come to Jo as they are at the stage where they know they need additional support and are ready to get experienced assistance to move their business forward.

“Clients often talk to me about a specific requirement, however once we’ve chatted about their needs, they often find that websites, email marketing and social media all go hand in hand and are excited to be able to have the someone to support and work with them.”

Her goal is to work collaboratively with business owners and get to know you, how you work and provide you with the assistance you require that is both efficient and affordable. It can be daunting prospect to outsource, however she walks the walk and does it in her own business as well as her home life.

Here are Jo’s top 5 tips if you are thinking about outsourcing:

  • What tasks do you want the person to do/take over for you?
  • What kind of personality/vibe do you want the person to have?
  • Do you want them to be in the same state/country as you or anywhere in Australia is ok?
  • What experience do you want them to have? (think about the systems and apps you use)
  • Do you have time to train them? If not, do you have training video’s or standard operating procedures in place?

If any of the above resonates, then why not reach out for a free discovery call. 

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Mobile: 0422 884 420