Meet Bev Ryan

Meet Common Grounds Member Bev Ryan

Bev is a book coach & book production manager, and the founder of Smart Women Publish, where she mentors and guides business and professional women as they plan, write and self-publish quality non-fiction books. 

Jo Stevens absolutely loved chatting with Bev and would love for you to take the time to listen to her story.

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Bev mentors and guides business and professional women as they plan, write and self-publish quality non-fiction books.

I believe that the world is crying out for more women’s strong, clear and compassionate voices in visible leadership roles.

In my work, I help women like you to take your own book dreams seriously, curtail the inner critic, and find the heart of your message and your audience, so you plan, write and self-publish the book that expands your world and actually helps people.

My own journey into the world of publishing began in 1996 when, as a mum of four, I found myself at a career crossroad: I had no desire to return to my former career as an English teacher, but what else could I do? Luckily, I stumbled across a book that changed my life course – ‘I Could Do Anything If Only I Knew What It Was’, by Barbara Sher.

I can passionately affirm that books DO change lives, because that book certainly changed mine, and I went on to establish two print magazines and a successful book coaching and publishing services business I have come to call Smart Women Publish, after publishing my own book of that name in 2019.  

My clients have used their own books to help grow new or existing businesses, land lucrative roles, attract ideal clients, increase their profile, expand their speaking careers, and more importantly, amaze themselves.

Here’s what publishing your own non-fiction book can do for you:

  1. The process of researching and writing your book, whether it is in your current field or a new direction, will sharpen your intellect, awaken you to things you weren’t even aware that you did and didn’t know, and by default cause you to become an expert in your area. It may even be more effective than plugging away at a general degree because you think you should.
  2. Writing and researching a book gives you a perfect reason to connect with other experts across the globe, whose work you admire, and who you might like to quote or include in your book. Doors truly do open that way.
  3. Publishing a book will extend you through various steps, from the excitement of the idea to the interesting research, to the hard (but manageable) slog of synthesising knowledge through writing, to the creativity of design and layout. To hold the well-constructed and professionally designed product in your hands is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have – and a great source of pride and kudos.
  4. Your book can be the start of a greater body of work that provides a gateway to greater numbers of people, by integrating your intellectual property into such things as various book series, online learning materials, live events, in-depth coaching, implementation, advanced training, teacher certification and more.

I invite you to visit SMART WOMEN PUBLISH to find out more about my book coaching and self-publishing services.

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