Meet Kim Guthrie

Meet Common Grounds member Kim Guthrie who helps business owners reach more people, helping them with clarity, certainty, and confidence to take the next aligned step. Kim creates ‘done-for-you’ documentation that leads to more time, space, money and ultimately, freedom.

Hi, I am Kim Guthrie,

After years in corporate and a stressful home life, I burnt out, had a breakdown, experienced adrenal fatigue, depressive states, anxiety and was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. I stepped out of my corporate role to continue my healing journey. I’m now medication free, with no signs or symptoms of stress related illness and disease. I’m a certified Health Coach, Results Coach and PHA Coach, I learnt Reiki, Kinesiology, Ayurveda and Access Bars®, and have studied much more.

I started my business as a Health Coach because I didn’t want others to go through what I had experienced. But after exploring what my heart and soul really desired for me, my strengths and gifts were best used creating documentation and I was having fun doing it.

I tuned into skills and experience from my corporate roles, picking out parts I could use to help small business owners. I stepped whole heartedly into creating one page documents, which I’d started doing a couple of years earlier.

Documentation is the first step to outsourcing, engaging a VA, marketing team or social media specialist. By creating ‘done-for-you’ documentation and building the Business Model Jigsaw, it gives business owners clarity, certainty, and confidence, so they can outsource with ease, see more clients and heal the world, one person at a time.

I’m the creator of Your Business On A Page, which captures the purpose, ‘why’, ‘what’, ‘how’ and values of your business. This one document acts as a north star, a guiding light, a lighthouse, which guides business decisions, deflects bright shiny objects, and enables focused planning and action. With a portfolio of one page documents, that make up the Business Model Jigsaw, when given to a VA, marketing team or social media specialist they hit the ground running.

I’ve got a passion for helping business succeed and I contribute through asking questions, having strategy discussions, creating documentation, and enhancing mindset.

I’ve dedicated my time to helping heart centred, purpose driven business owners with ‘done-for-you’ documentation, business operations and analysis so they can focus on sharing their magic. Alternative therapists were instrumental in my healing journey, so I want to help them have more time, space, and money, so they can help others.

In addition to helping small business, I help individuals with delivering Access Bars®, which I just love. Access Bars® is a hands on, light touch modality, helping to clear the feelings of yuck and stuck, I love how this helps us get out of our own way.

I stand for choice and my vision is for women to know themselves so well, they can walk away from anything that doesn’t serve them. I do that by empowering women in business.

I may be seen, from time to time doing cartwheel or on a slide in a playground because having fun and being playful is part of who I am.

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My offer to the Common Grounds community is the bundle of the two documents, starting the Business Model Jigsaw:

  • Your Business On A Page – capturing your purpose, why and what you do
  • Your Ideal Client On A Page – detailing your ideal client, their problems, challenges and obstacles, their desired outcomes, what they think the solution is for them and what you know they truly need

Both documents are currently AUD $555

For Common Grounds members, there’s $50 off, enter the code, CG50, when booking.

4 sessions, with the first being 90 mins.

Click the link to find a time that suits. If you can’t find a time, send me a pm, I may be able to move some things.

All you need to do is show up and talk. There’s no preparation needed. At the end of our time together, you’ll have two personalised and branded documents that give you clarity, certainty, and confidence.

For more information visit my Website:

Or you can book a 20 min chat, to talk about where you’re at, your business vision and how I may be able to help you.

Or email with any questions.