Meet Rose Hewartson

Meet Common Grounds Member Rose Hewartson

Meet Common Grounds Member Rose Hewartson who paints powerful expressive art pieces that are a textural feast for your eyes, heart, and soul.

Jo Stevens absolutely loved chatting with Rose and would love for you to take the time to listen to her story.

Hi I’m Rose, a local Brisbane Artist.

My painting journey started in 2017, however it didn’t actually start with art. I had no inkling that I would eventually open my own art gallery and studio which would be a kaleidoscope of energy and colour. I never entertained the thought that I would be skilled in painting powerful and expressive faces.

At that point in time, my artistic abilities were limited to rudimentary stick figures. Yes I had always expressed creativity throughout my life, however I hadn’t put paint to paper since my paint by numbers days, at age 10.

I honestly, would NEVER have believed it if you told me this was the mountain I was climbing. Never. So much of what has eventuated is beyond my wildest predictions.

I was experiencing a rollercoaster of emotions after a stressful few years.

So how did it start?

With a deep dive into my subconscious beliefs, facilitated by an incredible human.

A trek into the depths of my soul.
I was signing up for nervous system calming.

I received that in spades, yes, plus a goldmine of learnings. I started to become aware.

I learnt how to unwind my body, that had felt like a tightly coiled steel spring.

I unlocked the mysteries of my mind and heart. I started to accept myself.

This created a wave of change within me as I followed a trail of breadcrumbs and my metamorphosis took place.

And I started to paint.

Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, I navigated life focused, passionate, and excited for the potential ahead.

I now get to create the most authentic, expressive art that I love. Each art piece has its own story. Its own message. Awareness and creativity are two of strongest values and I am so grateful to be able to help others become more aware, and to honour themselves through my art.

Through its energetic presence. Its message

The conversations it ignites. The visual reminder.

I love seeing people walk into my gallery and instantly connect with a particular piece of art.

Sometimes it’s the eyes of a portrait that someone finds a connection with, sometimes it’s the expressive, colourful paint strokes {I do go a bit crazy with paint} and sometimes it’s the narrative that draws them in. I always feel that the right piece finds the right person at the right time.

Some people ask how to choose a piece of art. I usually suggest they go with their intuition and what they feel. Letting their heart be guide rather than their mind. It is really powerful to choose something that speaks deeply to you.

My gallery is open most weekends at 567 Old Cleveland Rd, Camp Hill. I also occasionally run events and workshops.

You can view my art on, or Keep up to date with events, workshops and new releases on my website; Rose Hewartson

Click on the social media links to follow Rose at Rose Hewartson Art.