Meet Kirsty Fields

Kirsty is the Creative Director of Social Ocean – a bespoke Marketing Agency specialising in Events Marketing, Social Media Training & Support, Websites & Branding. They assist businesses both small and large in South East Queensland, and works closely with clients to discover and unpack your business requirements.

Ladies Who Long Lunch

Let’s talk about Kirsty Fields and our journey (me – Jo Stevens) co-hosting Ladies Who Long Lunch events together.

After major disruption from Covid, Kirsty realises that the isolation many women in business were experiencing was really taking a toll on their mental health and overall well-being. It cemented her idea about designing a different type of event for business women to serve their needs.

That’s when Ladies Who Long Lunch comes into the picture. Kirsty and I teamed up to create something special. It’s not just your typical get-together; it’s a safe haven for women who are craving friendships, self-care, and genuine connections, both personally and professionally.

In a world where it feels like we’re constantly juggling a million things, finding those moments to pause and connect can be a real challenge, right?

Ladies Who Long Lunch is here for you if you’re a woman who:

  • Needs friendships and connections.
  • Craves some time out from the hustle and bustle of business life.
  • Is looking to make genuine connections in the business world.

And you know what? These events aren’t just for the powerhouses still in the workforce or running empires. They’re for anyone woman who recognises the importance of taking care of themselves and soaking up the positive vibes from others who inspire, support, and fill your cup.

Now, let me introduce you to the dynamic duo behind it all: 

Kirsty and me, Jo Stevens! 

We both lead business networking groups in Brisbane and Redcliffe, and we’re super passionate about helping women carve out time for themselves. We believe in the power of forging connections—both socially and professionally—with other like-minded women.

So, if you’re ready to take a breather, meet some fantastic people, and maybe even enjoy a leisurely lunch, then Ladies Who Long Lunch is where it’s at!

Want to learn more about Ladies Who Long Lunch? Grab a cuppa and take a listen to my chat with Kirsty.