Meet Lisa Millstead

Meet Common Grounds Member - Lisa Millstead from Corekshuns

Jo Stevens the Co-ordinator of Common Grounds, absolutely loved getting to know Lisa and would love for you to take the time to listen to Lisa’s story.

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I’m Lisa, Copy Editor at Corekshuns. You know…like ‘corrections’, but spelt…incorrectly. Cue music: “isn’t it ironic…”.

With a focus on teaming up with Aussie copy/content writers and small biz owners who write their own copy, I am your go-to editor when pumping out newsletters, blogs, emails, websites, and so on!


My aim is to give you confidence in your content, and not be mistaken for AI or have your message lost to keyboard warriors identifying errors.

I slide seamlessly into your writing process – picture a kick-ass sidekick to creating epic copy for your audience – and remove the laborious task of editing from your to-do list. Win-win!

If you’re not quite at the stage of outsourcing your editing, not to worry. Corekshuns has a DIY section full of freebies and training to give you enough editing basics to look legit and produce digestible copy for your audience!

My other baby, Shiba and Millie, was born from the tragic story of my late partner’s journey with pancreatic cancer. We originally launched an e-comm store with a design resembling his tattoo and journey, and have now completely overhauled S&M into a biz that creates a safe space for coping using comic relief.

We all know how difficult life can be, so why not utilise a coping mechanism that is healthier than a cask of wine. Welcome to the shitshow!

Want to keep in touch with Lisa and learn more about Corekshuns & Shiba and Millie, click on the links below. 


Shiba and Millie