Meet Lisa Millstead

Meet Common Grounds Member - Lisa Millstead from Corekshuns

Lisa runs a copy editing business, and is passionate about reading, traveling, and enjoying LIFE!
Jo Stevens the Co-ordinator of Common Grounds, absolutely loved getting to know Lisa and would love for you to take the time to listen to Lisa’s story.

Learn more about Lisa!

You know that dark void between writing something and the audience reading it?

That’s where I live!

Hi! I’m Lisa, and I run a copy editing business called Corekshuns.

You know, like ‘corrections’, but spelt…incorrectly.

My days are filled with being an awesome sidekick to copywriters. They pump out the engaging copy with their clients, and I work my magic to finesse it into kick-ass content (can I say ass on here? Too late now!).

After seven years on the hamster wheel, I took a Career Break and spent my time blogging on the beaches of Asia. It was this experience that led me to the dream of working for myself and never grinding in the ‘office lifestyle’ again. A proofreading course and a ginormous Booktopia delivery later, I was set to start building my business.

I’ll be honest and say it has been an extreme learning curve, and to not believe those who say working for yourself is all “cocktails at the swim-up bar”. There is definitely alcohol involved, but it’s more in the form of a bottle of wine while you cry over your taxes.

If you are a copywriter and would love to join forces, I’d be honored!

You bring the creative copy and I’ll bring the donuts and memes…oh, and the magic!

If you simply enjoy a good laugh and would love another supportive friend in your corner, follow me on InstagramFacebook, and TikTok under ‘Corekshuns’.

I promise there is no requirement for dancing to ridiculous trends!