Meet Nathalie Le Riche

Meet Common Grounds Member Nathalie Le Riche

Nathalie Le Riche is a Visual Artist and Fashion Designer

Nathalie uses art as a form of confronting her inner emotions, sharing valuable life lessons learned and providing artistic reminders to inspire people to reconnect to peace, love, and joy.  

Nathalie believes that we are all a vessel of love, with a unique gift to share, and her goal is to share with others her creativity to bring beauty and love to the world.

Jo Stevens absolutely loved getting to know Nathalie and would love for you to take the time to listen to her story.

My name is Nathalie Le Riche. I am a visual artist and fashion designer who is emerging into the Australian market, after spending thirty years in Papua New Guinea.

I lived in Papua New Guinea because of my Papua New Guinean husband. Thanks to the law of attraction my dream of becoming a full time artist came true whilst living there. All my aspirations set as a teenager were fulfilled by the time I was thirty. I was like a “Ken Done” version in PNG with my designs selling on Prints, Gift Cards, Coasters, Placemats and more throughout the Duty Free Shop and major retailers in PNG. My original paintings became in great demand and I was kept busy fulfilling commissioned works whilst establishing art licensed contracts in New York. My designs featured on many products which sold world wide. It was a dream come true! 

Yet despite achieving every goal I kept finding myself back in a place of unhappiness. It took a series of many unfortunate, painful events to make me realise what life is all about.

I use art as a tool to inspire people to reconnect to their self love.  To inspire people to be WARRIORS OF LOVE, by doing what is hard with heart, to return back to love.  I have learnt within every challenge comes a valuable life lesson. I use my art to share the wisdom gained to help inspire people to discover they have a choice to reconnect back to their self love. Since starting my creative journey my art style is all over the place as it embodies art from the heart.

My current body of art is symbolic of the challenges that feel like mountains too difficult to overcome. Yet when we allow ourselves to confront our fears and flow into the unknown with love and faith, this is how we allow our love aura to shine and open doors to solutions.

My tribal fashion designs, inspired by the years I lived in PNG, will be featuring in the upcoming Ravishing Fashionistas Runway. It is a fashion show where any woman can be a model in their own right irrespective of body types, background and beliefs.  I love supporting organisation that embraces acceptance.

In July I am excited to be doing my first public ART OF KINDNESS painting class workshop with Beyond DV. a charity that does amazing work in helping those suffering domestic violence. All profits from this class will go towards this great cause.

People will be given dried leaves as a canvas and be inspired to create a unique design on one side of the leaf and then write an inspirational quote or affirmation on the other side of the leaf. They will get the opportunity to create a few leaves so that at the end of the class they can choose to leave a leaf randomly in their community as a random act of kindness. It’s little gestures like these that actually can save a life or help someone in a dark place.

My new art chapter is all about doing acts of love free of the need I have to achieve things for the sake of money or self worth.  I am testing the theory, do dreams really come true when you let go and go with the flow from a place of love?  Stay tuned!

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