Meet Panayiota

Meet Common Grounds Member Panayiota

Panayiota works as an Intuitive Mentor and her business is about helping people get inspired by using their own Passions.

Jo Stevens absolutely loved getting to know Panayiota, so why not grab a cuppa and sit back and get to know our amazing Common Grounds Member.

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Why I do what I do – My Story

I feel so blessed to be doing the work I do, and so grateful to have these unique Spiritual Gifts.

But that wasn’t always the case.

I was born with my Gifts … the ability to see, hear, feel and know things that many could not, along with deeply seeded creative abilities that fuel a raging internal fire for beauty, self expression and connection.

I was also born into an ethnic community where my neighbourhood and the Church we attended were predominantly made up of the same ethnicity. These people were immigrants to Australia and America, and that meant everything I experienced for many years was only of this Culture. Unfortunately, in these settings, my Gifts and passions were not understood or respected, and while I was growing up, I was reprimanded on numerous occasions for speaking up and for being unconventional.

I couldn’t understand why things were so obvious to me, but no one else could see them. I tried to explain my self, but this just lead to more ridicule and reprimand. Eventually, I realised that unless I chose to ignore my Intuition and follow my Culture’s conditioning, pretty much everything I did was going to be deemed as wrong.

Well, this broke a fundamental part of me and I lost faith in myself. I lost faith in my abilities and I learned to hate myself. Because I couldn’t be what they wanted me to be, I also felt shame, abandonment, depression. I was all alone. I just couldn’t seem to ‘help’ myself by ‘learning’ to fit in.

There was a part of me that could see the world around me just didn’t make sense as it was. My curiosity could not be quashed, and it got the best of me, leading me to begin exploring other avenues of understanding. Over time, this led me to a Spirituality Industry where I thought I had found some answers. I thought I was entering a safe place of love, understanding and community.

What I didn’t see was that I was actually just swapping one church for another. One set of impersonal social constructs for another.

And guess what? I couldn’t conform there either. I tried. I really tried. I even worked as an Angel Medium for a number of years. Alas, with my inbuilt need for true emotional and spiritual freedom, it just didn’t work for me.

It also didn’t take long for all of this friction and social conditioning to cause me a lot of problems. There were social problems. There were health related problems. There were even spiritual problems … when I was supposedly ‘being spiritual.’

It really was awful. By the end of 2014, my Angels advised me to leave this Industry. That’s right, my Entourage, as I affectionately called them, strongly urged me to leave; that I would do my best work outside of this institution and so I did. Interestingly, my leaving caused havoc for many followers, because I was doing what, to them, was unthinkable.

I was cast in the role of heretic, and guess what? Again, I was reprimanded.

These are the Cycles and Patterns I was playing out over and over and over again.

All of this brought about contemplation on a massive scale. I mean, I genuinely couldn’t understand why the place that promised love would be so aggressive towards me. Oh yeah, I still had all the ethnic stuff to contend with on top of that, so I was being chastised there as well. By the time I left the Industry though, I realised how broken I was from everything.

My head was so heavy and my heart filled with grief, anger, and frustration. I often refer to my experiences as being stuck in quicksand. The more I tried to climb out, the more it kept pulling me back in. That’s how strong the energies were in these environments and I was experiencing it from all angles; emotionally, physically, and spiritually.

That’s when I decided to take time to figure things out.

Now, as is always the case, Universal Source was there, ready to help. They always are … when we’re ready to work with them. Because I was alone and I felt I couldn’t rely on humans, I turned to them for support. This led me to experience a series of fortuitous (let’s say, guided advice) events, which introduced me to others who (unbeknownst to me) had also chosen to live outside the Industry, outside social norms.

This was actually quite a shock for me, but also a breath of fresh air, and a welcome relief. My Intention to heal my self from all of this was so strong that I took Action by throwing my self fully into learning more about my authentic self. I Chose to allow my self to receive guided advice through the process of clearing the conditioning that had prevented me from seeing my Truth.

My Outcome? — This process has afforded me the ability to fully connect with Universal Source in a much more meaningful manner.

Now, I recognise my Gifts, both Spiritual and Creative, and I love them. They bring me so much Joy. I also recognise (this is probably most important for me), I recognise is that all my experiences, though uncomfortable at the time, are actually assets in my life and along with my Gifts, I’ve learned to use them both as a force for creating True Freedom and profound change for those I work with.

My Story gives you my reasons for doing what I love doing. What’s your Story?

I invite people whose Story includes having years of experience feeling “unfulfilled and trapped” in their lives and who want to explore their own Passions so they can be seen for who they truly are. As an Intuitive Mentor, I use my Gifts and Channeled resources to help you see yourself for who you are truly meant to be.

I’ll guide you to clear your social conditioning and help you clear the subconscious patterns that have been holding you back and blinding you from seeing your true potential. We’ll work towards removing the blocks that are preventing you from making unconscious beliefs into conscious awarenesses.

If you feel we could be a match, feel free to text me on 0403 579 468 or email on

Panayiota, Intuitive Mentor
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