Meet Shalini

Meet Shalini from Love your Legals

Hi, I’m Shalini, the brains (and heart) behind Love Your Legals. This is where the world of business and the realm of law come together in a refreshingly human way.

Born in Fiji and living in Australia since I was eight, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing both worlds, which has given me a unique perspective that I’m eager to share. Fiji holds a special place in my heart. It’s where I spent a significant part of my life, and despite returning to Australia, the connection remains strong. The fact that it’s just a 3-4 hour flight away keeps that connection alive. A piece of Fiji will always be a part of me.

At Love Your Legals, I’m on a mission to redefine the role of legal services in your business, making business legals an authentic extension of your brand rather than a dull, albeit important, part of your business. I believe in building positive boundaries and fostering compassion and understanding in client and supplier relationships.

My purpose is simple: to uncomplicate the legal process. I want to provide you with legal solutions that protect your business interests and help your clients understand how to work seamlessly with you. It all boils down to one core belief: clear communication and transparency are the pillars of thriving business relationships. And my legally-sound documents reflect this philosophy. I’m dedicated to ensuring you’re well-informed, protected, and empowered to run a business that brings you joy.

I’m all about simplifying the legal side of business for you. Whether you’re an online business owner, a seasoned entrepreneur, or just starting, we’ve got your back. We specialise in creating brand-aligned, legally robust contracts and service agreements.

If you’ve ever worried about…
  • Not having the right business terms and conditions.
  • Having to sign business contracts without understanding what they mean.
  • The cost of having an expert lawyer for business contracts in your corner.
  • Finding the time to make sure your contracts and policies are sorted.

I am here to help.

My solutions range from complimentary chats, ideal for those just starting or with tight budgets, to affordable legal templates designed to meet the specific needs of small businesses. For more complex businesses, we offer custom-drafted contracts that protect and help you uncover more about your own business, allowing your contracts to truly serve you.

Over the last 12 months, I am incredibly proud of my significant impact in empowering and supporting 331 women in business through various legal and entrepreneurial endeavours. As a dedicated advocate for small businesses, my passion drove me to establish a solution that offered legal advice and tailored contracts and provided personalised business mentoring and startup templates to aspiring women entrepreneurs.

One of the most rewarding aspects of this achievement has been witnessing the positive transformations experienced by these women-led businesses. From solopreneurs to small-scale startups, the diverse range of ventures I assisted has flourished and thrived with the newfound knowledge and guidance they received. Through legal advice and customised contracts, I ensured that these women were well-equipped to navigate the complex landscape of business law and protect their interests while fostering an environment conducive to growth.

Moreover, my personalised business mentoring sessions allowed me to establish strong connections with these women, understanding their unique challenges and ambitions. Tailoring advice to their specific needs, I encouraged them to embrace innovation, take calculated risks, and seize opportunities, empowering them to make confident decisions and drive their businesses forward.

Whether you’re facing legal uncertainties, need a quick answer to a burning question, or simply want to chat with like-minded entrepreneurs, I am here for you. Book a complimentary chat, pick my brain, discover legal templates, or book an expert advice session to get started. 

Phone +61 455811837

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